What is this world coming to. The time of the end. Where boys can be shot for going to the store. While his killer roams free with no remorse.And a teenage girl can go to a party with someone she calls a friend and be left for dead. Being judged for her mistakes and labeled as a whore. While we are being spoon fed what they want us to believe is the reason she’s deceased. But never really looking as deep as we could to see why she’s no longer here. Now where’s the peace in that. We must fight our kids, And get all the facts. So that one day they will know it is not ok to cover their tracks. How many of us are tired of our kids being overlooked and forgotten. Even if your not a parent a mother a brother a grandfather or grandmother or cousin. Where is the compassion you would seek if you lost someone you love. How hard is to show genuine concern for another. Written by Minisa the poet

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