Unstopable love

Today I met a couple that truly inspired me. Pat and Irving were reunited after fifty years. Unfortunately they saw each other at  of her best friend’s funeral ,his cousin brought him to the funeral and that’s were the reunion took place. Upon reuniting they found out that her sister and his uncle that had raised the him were bestfriends. They worked together at a center were her sister is the director. Pat and Irving met in  kindergarten and we’re friends until both there families moved away when there were in the fifth and sixth grade. Little did they know they were living on the opposite sides of queens. One near Laguardia airport, the other near Kennedy airport. Neither one of them knew that their destiny was so close. There was a series of people that were connected to them. And events that could have brought them together sooner but they never crossed paths until the right time. Prior to there reunion I’m sure many things occurred in both of there lives but now they are together making them even stronger than ever. I wish them every blessing and prayer. I thank them for letting me know that true love is possible.  Written by Minisa Martin


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