Pretty Perfect 

Who I am is in between who I am now and who I use to be. I was always what society viewed as perfect a size two. Then I fell into the new idea of society beautiful thick thighs and hips booty. But I wasn’t comfortable at that size. I had always been thin my whole life so I did want to lose the weight. Upon visiting my doctor she said I had to go on strict diet and I lost too much weight now I’m below my original weight and I am losing my curves which I had before my weight gain. Wow I feel lost now trying eat a little more not to go against my diet too much. I have a beautiful heart and I know I am a beautiful person. But this change has really got me feeling less than beautiful. I know a lot a people battle with their weight. I have had people taunt me when I was younger because I was thin. My dad thought I was anorexic . Then I gained weight  it was pleasing to the eye but I was uncomfortable. Also not very healthy  now I’m fighting to balance both. Pretty perfect huh!


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