Different cloth

how many people are cut from a different cloth. I  don’t have it in my heart to hurt people. But yet my life has been filled with a series of events and people who did hurt me.  When I love ,I love 100% that’s the only way I know how to. Whether it be family friends or otherwise. You can’t make people love you or treat you the right way. People will be who they are. Some people will never appreciate good people. They have been hurt mistreated and disrespected so they do it to someone else. Mainly to someone who doesn’t deserve it. The reality it isn’t easy to hurt someone they way they hurt you. I myself have always felt like I was just better off not dealing with people any further and allowing them to see their own mistakes. Most people want to you to latch on to be hurt over and over again. I say no, no more. If people truly care they will make a mends and try to restore the relationship while remaining apart of your life or moving on. I know I’m cut from a different cloth because I have always told myself no matter what people do, don’t let it change you. Just let it change the way you view them. Or allow them to be or not to be apart of you life. For some they view it as a sign of weakness. Others view it as a sign of strength because of what you can endure of persevere through. No matter what cloth you are cut from you must not allow yourself to be worn.


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