Stroke of luck

  1. I had my first stroke when I was pregnant with my son. I collapsed while I was on a pay phone with my dad. All I remember is my family said they carried me into the house while we waited for the ambulance. My mouth was twisted  and my right arm was not moving. They told me I had a stroke they rushed me to the hospital. They said we need to treat you. You are having complications you may not make it but the baby will live. I can still remember them giving me medication because they had no choice. I pulled through I had a healthy baby. My mouth straightened up and was able to use my right arm with no problem. Then after being injured on my job I had two more strokes  after the stress from my job when I had the first one it made one side of body paralyzed. The other one caused my speech to slur. Only one month apart. I thought I was going to die. But God said no and he spoke through my kids. My son laid on my chest and my daughter laid next to him and they said mommy you are going to walk again. And with the second one seeing their faces I knew I had I had to fight. I remember telling my body. The body does what the mind tells it. And with extensive physical theraphy and speech theraphy I walked and talked again along with faith in God.  My speech still will go out now and then. Like today which made me cry because people don’t always understand and they treat me different. It’s hard when your use to almost feeling normal again but I don’t complain I’m alive. I’m raising my daughter .I wrote my book and I was blessed to still have my job and be compensated so I could maintain my home and survive. I know this was no stroke of luck. I love my family and my fiancé. I am humble grateful and truly blessed.

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